Ice Climbers
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Ice Climber


Ice Climber (1985)

Console of origin

Nintendo Entertainment System




Male (Popo) and female (Nana)

The Ice Climbers, known in Japan as Ice Climber, (アイス クライマー, Aisu Kuraimā) are the pair of playable protagonists from the game Ice Climber, released in the pre-Super Mario Bros. era of NES games. When playing a one player game, the player plays as Popo. When playing a two-player game in Ice Climber, player one plays as Popo, while player two plays as Nana. In both Melee and Brawl, color changes allow the player to control Nana.

Despite not being displayed, the CPU-controlled Ice Climber in the Smash Bros. series does indeed have his or her own separate percentage or stamina counter. This alone results in the Ice Climbers' extremely high learning curve for both Smash Bros. games that they have appeared in, as players must ensure the safety of not one, but two characters at the same time. The payoff can be highly rewarding, however; they are placed near the top of most accepted tier lists.


Both of the Ice Climbers are small, young children. They both wield wooden mallets, which they use to whack enemies and break ice cubes. Both of them wear parkas; Popo's parka is blue while Nana's is pink. They can also be identified by the patch of hair exposed from their hoods.

The relationship between Popo and Nana is unknown; as the two are said to be "rarely seen apart" in Melee, among the ideas thought up of by fans are that the two are siblings, friends, or even lovers. According to Nintendo, the nature of their relationship is up to the player's imagination; as a result, no hints to their relationship has been directly stated in any media. The only suggestion to what their relationship could be is a brief shot in the the Opening of Melee, featuring Nana and Popo high-fiving each other, with a small heart coming out from where their hands meet.