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EarthBound (1994)

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Super Nintendo Entertainment System





Jeff Andonuts (ジェフ・アンドーナッツ Jefu Andōnattsu) is a character in EarthBound. He is the third character to join Ness, and also the only permanent member of his team who is unable to use PSI abilities. To compensate, he can repair objects, although what exactly he can repair is based on his IQ level and the broken items he has in his inventory. He usually uses Guns as his primary weapons, along with an assortment of different projectile items like bottle rockets.


Jeff has lived at the Snow Wood Boarding House ever since he was an infant. He is close friends with Maxwell and Tony, who also live there. One night, he recieved a telepathic message from Paula, telling him that he is the only one who can save them. Tony momentarily comes with him around the boarding house to help him break out, and Maxwell supplies him with the bad key machine. After jumping over the boarding house's gate, Jeff picks up the Bubble Monkey from the local drugstore, and begins to head south. When they reach Lake Tess, they encounter Tessie, and ride on her to southern Winters. They then go through Brick Road's maze, and pass through Rainy Circle as well. While Bubble Monkey leaves Jeff for a girl monkey, Jeff finds his father's laboratory, and briefly reunites with him. He takes the Sky Runner to Threed, crashes into Ness and Paula's dungeon, and uses the bad key machine to help them break out. Jeff then accompanies them for the rest of the game.

Later, in Fourside, Jeff helps Ness in rescuing Paula from Mr. Monotoli. He also repairs the Sky Runner that crashed in Threed so they can fly to Summers, along with the yellow submarine in Dungeon Man in order to get to Deep Darkness.

At the end of the game, Jeff leaves his friends to stay with Dr. Andonuts, and also recieves a letter from Tony.

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