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Sonic the Hedgehog (ソニック・ザ・ヘッジホッグ Sonikku za Hejjihoggu) is the title character and main protagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog series and Sega's mascot. He is a fifteen-year-old, blue, anthropomorphic hedgehog meant to symbolize peace. Like his name and species implies, Sonic can move at the speed of sound (and can even exceed this), with lightning fast reflexes to match it and can as well curl up into a ball, primarily to assail enemies. He is often thought of as Mario's unofficial rival.


Sonic is a male, 15 year-old, anthropomorphic hedgehog. He has spiky blue hair, green eyes, and red and white running shoes with gold buckles. He is only one meter (3ft, 3in) tall. As his name suggests, he is capable of running at supersonic speeds. The self-described "coolest, blue-est hedgehog alive," he has a bit of an attitude and is impatient, but cannot resist helping someone in need. He values freedom above all else and constantly campaigns to free animals imprisoned by the evil Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik. Generally speaking, Sonic loves being able to do what he wants and loathes being constrained. He gathers golden rings for energy, and when he collects the seven Chaos Emeralds, he becomes Super Sonic, with yellow fur and red eyes, capable of flight. Most of the time, every challenge he faces seems enjoyable to him; another chance to get moving. However, he does take time to relax once in a while. He is sometimes portrayed as being from the imaginary planet Mobius, and other times his birthplace is listed as Christmas Island, a real-world dependant territory of Australia.


Early Life

Not much is known about Sonic's early life. All that is known is that Sonic was born on Christmas Island and that he has spent his life traveling around the world in search for adventure. At some point in his life Sonic met Dr. Ivo Robotnik and they became enemies under unknown circumstances. After meeting each other, Sonic fought Dr. Robotnik in an untold number of confrontations as the mad scientist attempted time and time again to conquer the world, with Sonic each time emerging victorious and foiling the doctor's plans. Despite their many battles, however, Sonic did not really account of his adversary.

Sonic the Hedgehog (1991)

In Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic heard news about Robotnik invading South Island after the doctor had discovered that powerful relics, called the "Chaos Emeralds", were hidden on the island and sought them to

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use their power to produce weapons of mass destruction. Annoyed by Robotnik's perseverance, Sonic hurried to South Island to stop him. Once Sonic arrived, he was met by Robotnik who revealed his new method to enslave the animal residents: by trapping them inside robotic shells, he could turn them into Badniks that were under his command, a method that left Sonic greatly shocked.  Despite having the whole island as his enemy, Sonic resolved to save the animals and get the Chaos Emeralds before Dr. Robotnik could get his hands on them. After traveling across the island while freeing the animal residents and securing the Chaos Emeralds, Sonic entered the doctor's stronghold on the island, defeated the mad scientist, and managed to drive him off the island. With Robotnik defeated, Sonic reunited with his friends at Green Hill Zone, where he released the Chaos Emeralds, with their power ensured the island's prosperity.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

In Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Sonic was traveling the world in the Tornado in search of adventure, when he discovered West Side Island. Landing there and with nothing else to do, Sonic chose to relax and explore this new region. After a few days of exploring, however, Sonic noticed that someone was following him and saw it was a two-tailed fox cub named Miles "Tails" Prower, who had come to idolize him. At first, Sonic chose to ignore the fox and tried to leave. However, as Tails continued to follow him, Sonic came to be impressed by the fox's tenacity and ability to keep up with him, and decided to let him tag along, though he was still not

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particularly interested in him. Later, during an early afternnon, Sonic was taking a nap under the Tornado when he was awoken by explosions and saw Badniks attacking West Side Island. Standing besides Tails during the initial attack, Sonic furiously knew that Dr. Robotnik was behind this and ran running into the center of the attack to find the mad doctor. It turned out that it was indeed Robotnik who was at his old schemes again. This time, he was turning the island residents into Badniks to find the Chaos Emeralds, which were now located on the island, to create the Death Egg so that he could conquer the world. Accepting the challenge, Sonic headed off to stop Robotnik, get the Chaos Emeralds first, and save the island, with Tails following him all the way.  When Sonic obtained all seven the Chaos Emeralds, he discovered that their powers could turn him into Super Sonic. Tails was at his side in most of the adventure and proved to be great assistance to him. All the while, Sonic began to form a strong bond with Tails. After freeing West Side Island, Sonic and Tails followed Robotnik into the sky onboard the Tornado. With Tails piloting his airplane, Sonic arrived in the Wing Fortress Zone. As soon as he stepped onboard, however, the Tornado was shot down, forcing Sonci to go on alone. He eventually found Dr. Robotnik, who then escaped

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in his rocket ship. No sooner, however, Tails arrived in an rocket-enhanced Tornado. Riding with Tails, Sonic and Tails caught up to the doctor's rocket and Sonic grabbed onto it, riding with it to the Death Egg. There, Sonic fought Robotnik's secret weapon, Mecha Sonic, followed by the doctor in the Death Egg Robot. After a heated battle, Robotnik was defeated once again, which triggered a chain reaction that made the Death Egg crash, and Sonic escaped the exploding Death Egg by jumping off into space. As Sonic descended through the atmosphere, he was saved from his fall by Tails, who caught him on the Tornado, and the two of them flew through the sky together. At the end of this adventure, Sonic had not only come to respect Tails, but also see him as a true friend he could rely on, and the two of them became the best of friends.

Sonic the Hedgehog CD

In Sonic the Hedgehog CD, Sonic was traveling to Never Lake to visit the  Little Planet, a small satellite that was near Earth once a year, which he had decided to explore. When Sonic arrived, however, he saw that the

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entire planet had been transformed into a mechanical wasteland and chained to a nearby mountain, thus preventing it from leaving. After avoiding some falling mountain debris, created by the massive chain, Sonic noticed Dr. Robotnik's face carved into the mountain where the chain was embedded; he knew that his arch-nemesis was behind this and up to no good again. Sonic traveled to the Little Planet with the intention of liberating it from the mad scientist's control. As he arrived, Sonic learned he could undo Robotnik's work by using Little Planet's time passages to change the planet's past and by collecting the mystical Time Stones, Robotnik's reason for invading the planet.  Shortly after his arrival, Sonic met a female hedgehog named Amy Rose, Sonic's biggest fan and want-to-be girlfriend, who was on the planet in hopes of meeting him. Sonic on the other hand, was far from excited to meet her. However, only moments after Sonic met her, as they arrived at Collision Chaos, she was captured by Metal Sonic, the newest creation of Dr. Robotnik, which was built to rival Sonic in every way and defeat him for good. As Metal Sonic successfully escaped with Amy, Sonic now had the task of saving Amy as well.

Sonic the Hedgehog 3

In Sonic the Hedgehog 3, Sonic was taking a nap on the beach, until he was awoken by Tails who had discovered a large reaction of Chaos Energy out on the sea. At the same time, Sonic found an ancient ring washed on the shore, which made him recall a legend he had heard about a floating Island in the sky with a highly unique culture that was supported by a powerful stone. Now filled with excitement, Sonic decided it


was time for another adventure, and prepared himself and Tails before heading out with Tails in the Tornado to check out the Chaos Energy at sea.  When Sonic and Tails arrived at the location of the Chaos Energy reaction, they found the legendary Angel Island, the same island Sonic had thought of beforehand. The duo soon noticed however that the island was kept at the ocean's surface and not flying in the sky where it belonged. To Sonic and Tails' surprise, they saw it was due to the Death Egg, which they thought had been destroyed, having crash-landed on Angel Island and forced it into the sea. Seeing that the Death Egg was currently being rebuilt, Sonic headed out with Tails to stop Dr. Robotnik from relaunching the Death Egg so he could use it to conquer the world. As they neared the island, Sonic used the Chaos Emeralds he had collected prior to transform into his Super State and began exploring the island. Shortly after arriving however, Sonic was ambushed by Knuckles the Echidna, the guardian of the floating island and its treasure, the Master Emerald. The echidna, who had been tricked by Dr. Robotnik into believing that Sonic and Tails had come to steal the Master Emerald, somehow forced the Chaos Emeralds out of Sonic, and he returned to his normal form. After the loss of the Emeralds, Sonic could only witness Knuckles snatch

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and escape with the Emeralds to hide them, leaving Sonic and Tails forced to search the island for them. Despite this setback, Sonic and Tails headed out to to liberate the island from the control of Dr. Robotnik's robots and destroy the Death Egg for good. During their adventure, Sonic and Tails were repeatedly ambushed by Knuckles, but the two of them got through each encounter with their lives, and they recovered the Chaos Emeralds as well. After a long struggle, Sonic and Tails made it to the Launch Base Zone and boarded the Death Egg just as it took off. Here, Sonic and Tails faced Robotnik who had returned to defeat Sonic with excessive force. Nevertheless, Sonic defeated Robotnik again in the ensuring fight, with their resulting battle taking its toll on the Death Egg at a critical point of its launch, making it crash into the Lava Reef Zone.

Sonic & Knuckles

In Sonic & Knuckles, after escaping the Death Egg as it fell down from the sky, Sonic landed safely with Tails' help in the Mushroom Hill Zone. As he saw the Death Egg survive yet another crash landing, this time into the island's volcano, Sonic knew he would not feel at ease unless the Death Egg was completely destroyed. Sonic therefore set out with Tails once more to explore the island to find the Death Egg and destroy it once and for all, and as well discover Robotnik's fate.  As the duo was moving through Mushroom Hill, Sonic was pondering that Robotnik needed time to rebuilt the Death Egg until they spotted Knuckles passing through a hidden doorway in a thicket. After making sure Knuckles was gone, Sonic opened the hidden doorway and looked inside it with Tails where they found a Giant Ring. Enthralled, Sonic touched the Giant Ring, which took him and Tails to the Emerald Shrine in the Hidden Palace Zone where the Master Emerald rested. Here, Sonic and Tails discovered the Chaos Emeralds' connection to the Master Emerald as they were pulled away from him and returned to the surrounding pedestals due to exposure to the Master Emerald. Regardless, Sonic and Tails returned to Mushroom Hill Zone where they began the next phase of their adventure. Following a long journey across Angel Island, the heroic duo reached the Hidden Palace Zone on their own, where Sonic faced Knuckles in an epic showdown and won. Sonic and Tails then followed the red echidna as he went to check the Master Emerald. When they got to its resting place, however, Robotnik was stealing the Master Emerald for the purpose of powering the Death Egg, and Knuckles realized he had been tricked by the mad scientist. As the doctor made his escape with the Master Emerald, Knuckles guided Sonic and Tails to a hidden Warp Point to the Sky Sanctuary Zone, from where the trio witnessed the successful re-launch of the Death Egg. However, Sonic and Tails had to leave Knuckles behind as he was too exhausted from the previous struggles. On their way through the sanctuary, Sonic and Tails encountered the Eggrobo and Mecha Sonic, which they fought several times. On their third encounter, however, Sonic managed to defeat Mecha Sonic. The resulting explosion made a tall pillar nearby crumble, but Sonic and Tails managed to get on the Death Egg just in time by running along the pillar as it was crumbling to pieces. Onboard the Death Egg, Sonic and Tails encountered Dr. Robotnik for the final showdown. The doctor attacked them with the Kyodai Eggman Robo, powered by the Master Emerald. Sonic and Tails managed to defeat the contraption which finally destroyed the Death Egg for good, but the doctor still had a trick up his sleeve, as he managed to steal the Master Emerald again using a large blue, spaceship-like mech. In order to pursuit him, Sonic transformed once again in his Super/Hyper State, chasing the evil genius' across an orbit around the planet. After a long battle, Sonic emerged victorious against the doctor's mechs, descending down to Earth with the Master Emerald. In mid-flight, Sonic was rescued by Tails, piloting the Tornado, as he powered down. The two then brought the Master Emerald back to where it belonged, thus allowing Angel Island to float into the sky once more and make peace with Knuckles before leaving for the time being. Some time after this, Sonic, piloting the Tornado personally, rescued Knuckles after the latter's fight against the recently-reactivated Mecha Sonic from falling into the ocean. The two brought the stolen Master Emerald back to Angel Island and they parted ways once more.

Sonic Adventure

In Sonic Adventure, Sonic was just returning home after having been gone for a while on a long journey. As he was enjoying himself traveling through Station Square, he saw the Station Square Police fighting Chaos. Sonic then stepped and defeated it, but it managed to escape, leaving Sonic with lots of questions. The following day, Sonic was taking a nap when he awoke to see Tails' crash in his newest plane.  After rushing to Tails' aid, Tails revealed to Sonic that he was working on a new aircraft powered by a Chaos Emerald. Sonic then traveled with Tails to his workshop to see Tails' project, but then Dr. Eggman appeared and demanded the Chaos Emerald for his latest plan. As Sonic refused, he and Tails were attacked by the Egg Hornet. Though they defeated the machine, Eggman snatched the Chaos Emerald and revealed Chaos, who he transformed into Chaos 1 with the Emerald. As Sonic recognized Chaos, Dr. Eggman revealed to him that he planned to make Chaos invincible with all of the seven Chaos Emeralds, and then use it to build Robotnikland upon Station Square. As Eggman escaped, Sonic was determined to stop him and set out with Tails to get the Chaos Emeralds before Dr. Eggman could give them to Chaos. Eventually, Sonic and Tails retrieved the first two Emeralds in Windy Valley and Casinopolis respectively. After leaving Casinopolis,

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however, Dr. Eggman appeared and disabled them with a sleeping gas, before stealing one of their Chaos Emeralds. Unshaken, Sonic and Tails continued their search. After finding a Chaos Emerald in Ice Cap, however, Sonic and Tails were attacked by Knuckles, who had been tricked by Eggman into believing Sonic had stolen parts of the Master Emerald. With no interest in reasoning with Knuckles when he vaguely demanded their Emeralds, Sonic fought him until he dropped the two Chaos Emeralds, which were then taken by Dr. Eggman who had just arrived. Eggman then gave the Emeralds to Chaos 2, transforming it into Chaos 4, but Sonic and the others defeated it. As Eggman escaped to his Egg Carrier, Sonic and Tails followed him in the Tornado. In the ensuring aerial fight with the Egg Carrier, however, the Tornado was shot down. After being shot down, Sonic landed near Station Square where he began to look for Tails. He soon ran into Amy, who asked him to help her protect "Birdie", a Flickey she had met. While Sonic had no interest in that request, Amy followed him regardless. Soon after, they were attacked by ZERO, which made Amy escape into Twinkle Park, forcing Sonic to follow her, but lost track of her. He eventually saw Amy being kidnapped by ZERO and headed to the Mystic Ruins to cut ZERO off there. At Mystic Ruins, Sonic cornered ZERO, only for it to escape with Amy to the Egg Carrier. Sonic then pursued the Egg Carrier through Red Mountain until he reached a dead end, but then met Tails in the Tornado 2. The duo then gave chase on the Tornado 2 and landed on the Egg Carrier. As they headed for the bridge to find Amy, Sonic and Tails eventually found her and saw Eggman take a Chaos Emerald from Birdie, before being attacked by E-102 Gamma. Before Sonic could destroy Gamma though, he was stopped by Amy, who said it was her friend, and Sonic complied. As the Egg Carrier began to lose altitude, Sonic had Tails escort Amy to safety while he chased after Eggman. Eventually, Sonic found Eggman, but also saw that Chaos had become Chaos 6. Big the Cat then arrived and said that his friend Froggy was trapped inside Chaos, and Sonic promised to help save him. After saving Froggy, Sonic defeated Chaos 6, only for Knuckles to appear as Eggman escaped. Sonic then chased after Eggman off the Egg Carrier and into the Mystic Ruins, where he found an ancient temple and a mysterious light that led him into the temple. There, Sonic found a mural depicting a monster, and was taken back in time to see the Altar of the Emeralds lying in ruins and Tikal trying to stop a catastrophe occurring. After returning to the present, Sonic spotted Eggman and followed him to Final Egg, where he faced Eggman in his Egg Viper and defeated him. As Eggman flew away in defeat, Sonic met up with Tails again, having seemingly saved the day. As he rested from his ordeals, Sonic heard from Tails that Angel Island had fallen. As they arrived there to investigate, Sonic and Tails found both Knuckles and Eggman knocked out and learned from them that Chaos was still alive, had rebelled against Eggman, and now had six Chaos Emeralds. As Eggman left to get revenge, Sonic and Tails were about to head out to get the last Chaos Emerald in the Tornado 2 before Chaos, when Sonic was drawn into the past again. There, he saw the Knuckles Clan's attack on the Altar of the Emeralds, the event that drove Chaos to destroy the world to begin with and Tikal sealing herself and Chaos inside the Master Emerald. Returning to the present, Sonic and Tails went to find the last Chaos Emerald, but Chaos beat them to it before their eyes. Sonic then returned to Station Square which was attacked by Perfect Chaos. After he saw Perfect Chaos destroyed the Egg Carrier 2, Tikal appeared before Sonic, and explained that the sadness and anger Chaos felt from her clan's attack was the reason for its behavior. When Perfect Chaos released the partially drained Chaos Emeralds, Tikal wanted to seal Chaos again, but Sonic claimed it would not work as Chaos would still be full of rage if they just sealed it away again. Tails, Big, Amy and Knuckles then came to Sonic with all seven Chaos Emeralds, claiming that Sonic could still use their positive energy to stop Chaos. Sonic then transformed into Super Sonic and defeated Perfect Chaos, while returning it to a benevolent creature again. Sonic then saw with his friends Chaos and Tikal depart to live in peace, before he noticed Eggman making his escape. Sonic then decided to head off himself once more, seeking out his next adventure.

Sonic Adventure 2

In Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic was on his own when he suddenly met the Guardian Units of Nations who arrested him, claiming he had robbed a federal reserve bank of a Chaos Emerald. In truth, Sonic was mistaken for Shadow the Hedgehog, who had been released by Dr. Eggman to assist him in his plans for world domination and was the true culprit behind the theft. Handcuffed, Sonic was brought onborad a military helicopter to be transported, but while over Central City, Sonic broke free and escaped into the city. After escaping G.U.N. and destroying a Bigfoot vehicle, Sonic encountered Shadow. Realizing that Shadow was the one behind the false accusations, Sonic demanded answers and attacked. Instead, Shadow used Chaos Control with the stolen Chaos Emerald to avoid Sonic's charge, before disappearing in a flash. No sooner, Sonic was surrounded by G.U.N. soldiers and robots and was arrested once more. Following his arrest, Sonic was locked up on Prison Island. The following day though, Sonic found Amy at his cell, who revealed


that she and Tails had come to break him out. As Sonic said that it was Shadow's fault that he was here, Amy revealed Shadow was on the island. Sonic tried to ask Amy about Shadow, but changed his mind when Amy said she would reveal more if he married her. Regardless, Sonic was freed from his cell and learned from Amy that Eggman was behind it all, before leaving to find Shadow. When he found Shadow, Sonic fought him until he heard that the island was about to explode. Sonic, however, managed to find Tails and Amy and escape the island with them just before it exploded. Back in Central City, Sonic, Tails and Amy saw Eggman's broadcast, where he revealed the Space Colony ARK and displayed the Eclipse Cannon by blowing up half of the Moon, before demanding total world control within 24 hours or he would fire the cannon at Earth. Seeing this made Sonic realize that this was the reason why Eggman was collecting the Chaos Emeralds. As the police arrived, Sonic distracted them to give Tails time to work on how to track Eggman. He eventually contacted by Tails and heard that they could use the communication link to Eggman in the President's limousine to find Eggman. Meeting up inside the President's limo, Sonic and Tails learned Eggman was on the Space Colony ARK, where Sonic assured the President they will handle the problem. With Knuckles' help, Sonic, Tails and Amy were led to Eggman's base where they hoped to find a space ship that could take them to the ARK, to which Sonic planned to get to the Space Colony ARK from there and destroy the Eclipse Cannon. After infiltrating the base, Sonic enlisted Knuckles to find the keys center of the base. When they reached the center, however, the group was ambushed by Eggman and his Egg Golem. Sonic, however, defeated the robot and joined the others in the space shuttle just before liftoff. While en route to Space Colony ARK, the group's space shuttle hit a stray asteroid, causing the cargo bay to open and releasing the Emerald Shards stored there. Knuckles, wanting to salvage the Emerald Shards, tried to take control of the shuttle, only to cause them to crash land on the ARK. Once onboard, Sonic got a fake Chaos Emerald from Tails that he could use to destroy the Eclipse Cannon from the inside out when Tails turned off the power. When Sonic arrived at the cannon control room, however, he was contacted by Dr. Eggman, who demanded that Sonic handed over the final Chaos Emerald or he would kill Amy. When Sonic arrived in the ARK's central control room, he thought he could trick Eggman into taking the fake Emerald. Eggman, however, saw through this and Sonic was captured in a capsule set to explode, before being ejected into space. Before the capsule could explode, however, Sonic used Chaos Control with the fake Emerald to warped himself back to the ARK. There, Sonic met Knuckles and had him find Tails and Amy while he went to the cannon to destroy it with the fake Emerald when it was going to fire. On his way there, Sonic met Shadow and fought him once more. After Sonic won, he managed to destroy the Eclipse Cannon just before it fired. When Sonic and Knuckles returned to the main control room, they met Rouge, who told them that the ARK was on a collision course with Earth. Sonic and all the others then witnessed a recording of Gerald Robotnik that announced to the world that the ARK would crash into the planet and destroy it, wiping out the human race as his revenge at the world for the death of his granddaughter, Maria. Banding together with Eggman, the group came up with plan of using the Master Emerald to deactivate the cannon's core, which was powered by the seven Chaos Emeralds, to stop the Space Colony's crash course. As he came back on board, Sonic informed the others that Shadow had seemingly died from the effort, before giving Shadow's Inhibitor Ring to Rouge and assuring her that Shadow was a great hero that he would never forget. After processing Shadow's death, Sonic suggested that they all went back home as Sonic bid farewell to his worthy rival.

Sonic Heroes

In Sonic Heroes, Sonic was running around on his own world tour when he met Tails and Knuckles in the Tornado 2, who gave him a letter from Dr. Eggman. In the letter, Eggman claimed to have created "the ultimate weapon" to conquer the world and that he challenged them to stop him within three days. Confident as ever, Sonic took off to stop Eggman with Tails and Knuckles right behind him, officially forming Team Sonic.  Team Sonic began their mission by tracking down Dr. Eggman and found him in the at Ocean Palace. There, they defeated his Egg Hawk, but Eggman escaped. After that, Team Sonic tracked Eggman to Grand Metropolis. After liberating the city from Eggman's control, and escaping the Power Plant, Team Sonic came across Team Rose. After being forced to fight Team Rose, Sonic used the fight as a distraction

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to escape Amy. As they arrived in Casino Park, Sonic proposed they took some time off, but was pressed on by Tails. After passing through the city, Team Sonic was attacked by Eggman's Robot Carnival, which they defeated. As they chased Eggman to Rail Canyon and only having until sunset, Sonic ordered his team to go full speed ahead to the terminal station. When they reached Bullet Station and destroyed Eggman's base there, the team found Eggman in the Egg Albatross. After destroying the Egg Albatross, however, Team Sonic discovered that the Eggman they had been chasing was a fake and that their challenge letter was to distract them while Eggman launched his Egg Fleet. Enraged, Sonic ran off in pursuit of Eggman. Resuming their chase after Eggman through the jungle, Team Sonic encountered Team Dark. Amazed to see Shadow was still alive, Sonic and his team fought Team Dark in a skirmish to decide who went after Eggman. After the battle, Sonic saw Eggman and Shadow head towards Hang Castle and lead his team down the same way. After infiltrating the castle and escaping Mystic Mansion, Team Sonic was attacked by Eggman's Robot Storm, but they quickly dispatched them. After that, Team Sonic got to the Egg Fleet, where they traveled across the flagships to the Final Fortress, where they destroyed the flagship's core. Afterwards, Team Sonic found Dr. Eggman in his Egg Emperor and defeated him. After heavily destroying the Egg Fleet, Sonic was teased by Knuckles on how he would not have done this on his own, but surprised Knuckles by agreeing with him and thanked both him and Tails for their help. No sooner though, Amy came running and Sonic tried to escape from her. Some time later, Team Sonic and the others witnessed the return of Metal Sonic, who had been staging the team's adventures and impersonating Eggman so he could follow them and copy their data in a plan to conquer the world himself, as he transformed into Metal Madness. Seeing that the teams had all the Chaos Emeralds, the real Dr. Eggman came up with the plan of using them against Metal Sonic. Though their chances of winning were slim, Sonic volunteered to go up against Metal Sonic alone, but was joined by Knuckles and Tails while the other teams volunteered to buy them some time. Accepting everyone's help, Sonic and his team got the Chaos Emeralds ready while Team Rose, Dark and Chaotix fought Metal Madness. As Metal Madness transformed into Metal Overlord, Sonic transformed into Super Sonic, whilst granting Tails and Knuckles a Super Shield each. The team then took off and defeated Metal Overlord. Back on the flagship, Sonic stood triumphant over Metal Sonic, until he saw Amy approached him. Sonic then told Metal Sonic that he would be ready for a rematch anytime and took his leave with Tails. Not long after, Sonic was reunited with Knuckles, and he headed out with his team to find their next adventure.

Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

In Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), Sonic visited Soleanna during a festival where he saved their monarch, Princess Elise, from Dr. Eggman, who was after the Flames of Disaster, known as Iblis, to help him rule the world, which was sealed inside Elise. As Sonic brought Elise to safety, he was distracted by Eggman's mechs while Eggman kidnapped Elise and escaped, though not before Sonic received her Chaos Emerald. Determined to save Eilse, Sonic teamed up with Tails the next day and tried to catch the Egg Carrier at Wave Ocean, but failed. After returning to the city, Sonic and Tails learned Eggman was in Dusty Desert.


There, they found Elise only for Eggman to attack them with the Egg Cerberus. After Sonic destroyed it, Sonic escaped Eggman's forces with Elise by letting Tails create a diversion. As they escaped, Elise treated Sonic's injuries and apologized for them, but Sonic insisted her smile was all he needed. Sonic was then filled in on the Flames of Disaster and Solaris (Soleanna's sun god) by Elise, who grew worried of what Eggman would do with it, Sonic cheered her up with a run and gave her some advice to go by. Back in Castle Town with Elise, Sonic was attacked by Silver the Hedgehog, who claimed that Sonic would destroy his world. Sonic initially had the upper hand, but Silver catch him off-guard and incapacitated him. Meanwhile, Sonic saw Eggman kidnap Elise again, but was unable to save her. Luckily, Sonic was saved when Amy stopped Silver, and he cased after Eggman. Sonic then met up with Tails and Knuckles, who gave him a message from Eggman demanding Sonic’s Chaos Emerald in exchange for Elise. Despite knowing it was a trap, Sonic, Tails and


Knuckles arrived at White Acropolis, where Sonic gave Eggman the Chaos Emerald, but was tricked and sent to the future by Eggman's machine with his friends. Arriving in a ravaged future, they met Shadow and Rouge. They then decided to work together to get home by finding enough Chaos Emeralds for a Chaos Control powerful enough for time travel. While searching for the Chaos Emeralds, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles briefly saw Silver and Blaze talking with Mephiles before they went back in time. From their database, the group learned that Elise would die in the Egg Carrier's future crash-landing, leaving Sonic more determined than ever to save her. Locating a Chaos Emerald in Flame Core, Sonic his friends met up with Rouge and Shadow and journeyed there, where they attacked by Iblis when the found the Emerald. After Sonic and Shadow defeated it, they used their Chaos Emeralds to make a rift back to the present. Though it, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles got back to the present, though Shadow and Rouge did not follow them. Locating Elise on Eggman's train, Sonic managed to save the princess, but was attack by Silver again. While caught in the fight, Sonic saw Eggman kidnap Elise again. Fortunately, Shadow arrived and held Silver off while Sonic save Elise again and destroyed the Egg Genesis. As they fled from Eggman's robots, Sonic took Elise to a beautiful location to cheer her up. There, Sonic told Elise that he would leave once he defeated Eggman, but cheered her up when she was sad about his departure. After that, Sonic returned Elise to the castle , but after hearing that Eggman kidnapped Elise again, he ran off to save her. On his way, Sonic was attacked by Eggman's robots, but was assisted by Silver who now wanted help Sonic. Unfortunately, Sonic was too late as Eggman’s ship crash and exploded with Elise inside as predicted. However, Silver had the plan to send Sonic back in time to save Elise. Using Chaos Control and two Chaos Emeralds to created a rift, Sonic promised Silver to change his future by saving Elise before heading into the rift. Arrive at the day before, Sonic bordered the Egg


Carrier and defeated Eggman in the Egg Wyvern before narrowly escaping the exploding Egg Carrier with Elise.  On their way back to the city, Sonic and Elise were distracted by a Chaos Emerald. Mephiles then appeared and impaled Sonic, killing him. As Elsie cried over Sonic's death, Iblis was released from within her and Mephiles merged with Iblis, remaking Solaris and create a spatial distortion that transported Sonic's body and Elise to the End of the World. There, Sonic's allies and Eggman saw Sonic’s dead body in Elise’s arms, each showing sadness at his death. As they learned about Solaris’ intention to consume time, Silver planed to destroy Solaris, but Shadow noted they stood no chance without Sonic. Sonic’s soul had yet to pass on at this point though, and Elise sensed his presence. Realizing that it was not too late, everyone gathered all the Chaos Emeralds to restore Sonic to life. Revived as Super Sonic, Sonic turned Shadow and Silver into Super Shadow and Super Silver and they defeated Solaris. Sonic and Elise were then sent back to when Solaris was just a flame. If Elise blew out the candle it would destroy Solaris forever, but it would mean the events leading to Elise's meeting with Sonic would never had happened. Sonic, however, encouraged Elise to accept things as they were and she extinguished the candle. Time was reverted, but Sonic still traveled to Soleanna where he created a wind as he passed Elise. As the festival proceeded, Sonic watched on happily, hinting that he still remembered this adventure.

Sonic Unleashed

In Sonic Unleashed, after an untold series of adventures for Sonic, he arrived at Dr. Eggman's massive fleet in space and began blasting through his forces, before he was confronted by Eggman in a powerful mech. Sonic turned into Super Sonic, destroying Eggman's mech and his fleet as he chased the escaping Eggman. As Super Sonic chased Eggman to a space station, he believed he had cornered Eggman. Sonic soon realized, however, that he had been lured into a trap and he ended up being caught in Eggman's Chaos Energy Cannon where Super Sonic had the Chaos Emeralds painfully removed from him, returning him to normal. With the Emeralds' power, Eggman fired the cannon at the planet, breaking it apart and awoke the ancient creature called Dark Gaia, in order to harness its power. In the process, a part of Dark


Gaia's energy infected Sonic and turned him into a "Werehog". As he was released from the trap, Sonic was rejected from the station by Eggman and fell plummeting towards the planet with the powerless Chaos Emeralds. Moments before impact, however, Sonic was saved by a green light which broke his fall, but still left him crashing into the ground. After recovering, Sonic found an unconscious imp-like creature nearby. After he awoke, they introduced each other, but Sonic realized that the creature suffered from amnesia, as he could not remember anything. Believing that he caused his memory loss by falling on him, Sonic promised to help him recover his memories, much to the creature's delight. Dawn then broke and Sonic returned to normal, much to his own surprise. The duo soon arrived at Apotos and Sonic decided to name his new friend Chip after an ice cream he had taken a liking to. After a day's fruitless search for someone who knew Chip, night fell and Sonic turned into his werehog form again, and he realized the nature of this transformation. They soon ran into Tails who was attacked by Dark Gaia's Minions, but Sonic saved him. As Tails recognized Sonic, even in his new form, Sonic explained his story to Tails, who suggested that they should talk to his friend Professor Pickle in Spagonia, who might know something about this, but they arrived only to hear that Eggman had kidnapped the professor for his knowledge about Dark Gaia. Sonic, Tails and Chip tracked the professor down to Mazuri and they saved him from his prison in Eggman's base and reclaimed the stolen Gaia Manuscripts. They learned from the professor that Dark Gaia was the reason that the planet had broken apart, but that it had yet to be fully reborn due to its unnatural awakening. With this window of opportunity, Sonic was told by Professor Pickle that he could restore the planet and the Chaos Emeralds by placing the drained emeralds in the Gaia Temples across the world. Sonic and Chip returned to Mazuri just in time to fight off Eggman. Sonic and Chip then caught up to Eggman and defeated him before they located a Gaia Temple. Inside the temple, Sonic witnessed Chip's ability to activate the temple, and after placing a Chaos Emerald there, the Emerald and a continent was restored. Hearing of his progress from Tails, Sonic saw this as a good opportunity to see the world. When returning to Spagonia at night, Sonic encountered Amy, but was shocked to see that Amy did not recognized him as a werehog and became depressed as he thought that he was not same person anymore. He later found Amy caught in a group of people possesed by Dark Gaia, but with Chip's help, Sonic exorcised the people. After saving Amy, however, Sonic left before she could see him, but he eventually faced Amy with his condition. Sonic and Chip continue their adventure across the world, healing it one piece at a time. At the time they reached the sixth temple, however, Sonic started to notice that Chip was acting scared. As the two of them restored the sixth continent, Sonic withnessed Chip regaining his memories inside the sixth temple. With his memory restored, Sonic learned that Chip's real name was Light Gaia and that he had been fighting Dark Gaia in a continuous cycle of destruction and restoration of the planet since the dawn of time. Sonic came to the conclusion that Chip was the reason he remained the same person, even as a Werehog, but Chip revealed that it was Sonic's own will and strong heart that prevented him from succumbing to the darkness inside him. After thanking Sonic for showing him the world and his help, Chip tried to leave to stop Dark Gaia on his own, but Sonic stopped him and said that he would help his friend despite these revelations, which Chip accepted. Sonic and Chip then arrived at Eggmanland in order to find the last temple, which was located beneath it. As they placed the final emerald in the temple and the last continent moved back into place, Sonic (in his Werehog form) and Chip believed it was now over, but were then suddenly attacked by Eggman in his Egg Dragoon, in order to finish Sonic for good. After Sonic defeated Eggman at the planet's core, Dark Gaia itself appeared and knocked Eggman into the distance, before engaging Sonic and Chip. As Sonic avoided Dark Gaia's attacks and stood eye to eye with the great beast, Sonic collapsed to the ground as Dark Gaia painfully sucked the last missing fragment of its power out of him, thus curing him of his Werehog condition. All weak from the energy drain, Sonic told Chip to run, but Chip called upon the Gaia Temples to form the Gaia Colossus. Sonic soon after recovered from his exhaustion and together with Chip in the Gaia Colossus, they fought Dark Gaia.  During the fight however, Dark Gaia fully matured and became Perfect Dark Gaia and prepared to cast the world into darkness. Sonic was however determined not to let Perfect Dark Gaia succeed, and harnessed the Chaos Emeralds' full power and became Super Sonic once again. Together with Chip, the heroes slayed the terrifying monster, but Super Sonic was given a tough fight and he fell unconscious in his normal form after defeating the beast. He was then returned to the surface by Chip, as he got sealed inside the planet and returned to dormancy. After landing on the surface, Sonic found himself back where he met Chip and found his necklace, which he kept as a bracelet. As he heard Chip's final goodbye, Sonic paid his respect to his friend and ran off to look for new adventures, accompanied by Tails. 

Sonic the Hedgehog 4

Episode I

In Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I, which takes place directly after the events of Sonic & Knuckles, Sonic had just managed to finally destroy the Death Egg. With this whole ordeal over, Sonic decided to take a much deserved break from his adventures. Sonic then parted with Tails and Knuckles for the time being and ventured out on his own to explore new parts of the world. Sonic's break was cut short however, when Dr. Eggman revealed himself to be alive after their last encounter and had returned to defeat Sonic for good with a new and improved army of Badniks. Sonic then began chasing and fighting Dr. Eggman while


collecting Chaos Emeralds through Splash Hill Zone, Lost Labyrinth Zone, Casino Street Zone and Mad Gear Zone.  At the end of his journey throughout the zones, Sonic gave a final chase to Dr. Eggman. Just as Sonic had the doctor cornered, however, Eggman ascended to the sky and retreated to the E.G.G. Station Zone, a hover base built by Eggman. Sonic, however, jumped onto a rising rocket and chased after the doctor in hot pursuit. Onboard the E.G.G. Station, Sonic faced all of the past battle machines constructed by Eggman in past zones before confronting the mad scientist's new creation, a rebuilt Death Egg Robot. Despite the mech's improvements, however, Sonic managed to defeat it, and he escaped the now exploding base, and landed in Splash Hill where his adventure ended for the time being.

Episode II

In Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II, Sonic teams up with Tails, as Dr. Eggman joins a formidable alliance with Metal Sonic. After having defeated Dr. Eggman onboard the E.G.G Station, Sonic spent the next few months relaxing from his adventures. This relaxing period was cut short however when Sonic heard that Dr. Eggman had returned and was up to no good on the neighboring continent. Sonic then sought out Tails and two of them headed out together in the Tornado to investigate the continent and Dr. Eggman's newest scheme. With everything said and done, Sonic and Tails soon arrived in Sylvania Castle Zone, and after a rough landing, the heroic duo began investigating the surrounding area. Along the way, Sonic and Tails saw in the sky that the Little Planet had made its annual return to Earth, but now was covered in machinery. After some time of searching, the heroic duo found Dr. Eggman, and learned that the mad doctor had planned to turn the Little Planet into a power source for his newest Death Egg: the Death Egg Mark II. After defeating Dr. Eggman's Egg Serpentleaf, Sonic and Tails began a mad chase after the doctor to stop him. As the two of them continued to chase Dr. Eggman, the duo passed through White Park Zone, where Sonic found himself and Tails attacked by Metal Sonic, whose return from Little Planet was set up by Dr. Eggman during Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I. Despite finding his old rival more powerful than ever and determined to settle the score, Sonic and Tails managed to defeat Metal Sonic, and they continued chasing Dr. Eggman. Sonic's and Tails' chase after Dr. Eggman eventually took them to the skies, where they followed the doctor in the Tornado. As they were about catch him however, Sonic and Tails were attacked by Dr.

Sonic 4 Screen.jpg

Eggman's Sky Fortress and pursuited by Metal Sonic in his Metal Carrier. After narrowly avoiding a barrage of missiles, Sonic and Tails made their way through the Sky Fortress with the Tornado, but were then attacked by Metal Sonic and his Metal Carrier. Sonic and Tails eventually managed to destroy the Metal Carrier however, after a tough aerial battle. As the Sky Fortress was about to blow up, Sonic and Tails chased after Dr. Eggman though its interior, but the duo were then held back by Metal Sonic long enough for the doctor to escape in an rocket-powered escape pod. Seeing they did not have much time before the Sky Fortress exploded, Sonic and Tails searched for a way to escape. They soon found another escape pod, and used it to not only escape the Sky Fortress, but also chase after Dr. Eggman and Metal Sonic to the Death Egg MK.II. Once onboard the Death Egg MK.II, Sonic and Tails began looking for Dr. Eggman and Metal Sonic. As they found them, the two pairs had a brief battle, which came to an end when Eggman and Metal Sonic escaped. As Sonic and Tails began chasing after them, Sonic found himself confronted by the lone Metal Sonic, who wanted a rematch with him after their last race on Stardust Speedway. Never the one to back down from a challenge, Sonic, alongside Tails, faced Metal Sonic in a clean race through the Death Egg MK.II. With Tails by his side, Sonic once again triumphed over his metallic doppelganger, and watched as he smashed into a wall near the finish line once more. With Metal Sonic out of the way, Sonic and Tails went to face Dr. Eggman himself. They soon found the doctor, who confronted them in the Egg Heart, but Sonic's and Tails' teamwork managed to prevail over the contraption and destroyed it. As the duo saw that the Death Egg MK.II was now beginning to crash, they managed to escape it through two escape pods. As Sonic and Tails returned home, they watched on as the Death Egg MK.II shut down and was pulled away from the Earth by the Little Planet's orbit, thus marking the end of their adventure.

Sonic Colors

Sonic returned as the only playable character in Sonic Colors. In this game, Dr. Eggman claimed to have developed a sense of remorse for his past misdeeds and had constructed Dr. Eggman's Incredible Interstellar Amusement Park, an amusement park made of several planets, to make up for his past actions. Sonic, however, did not believe that Eggman had turned over a new leaf, but that it was just another evil plot. So, on the day before the opening, Sonic went to the amusement park with Tails to stop Eggman's plan. Sonic remained certain that Eggman was up to something, despite Tails's doubts. While he was

Tropical Resort.jpg

checking out the park, Sonic found Orbot and Cubot trying to capture two aliens with nets. Sonic moved in and saved the aliens. He later reached Tails, who was with the white alien he saved and was trying to build a translator so they could understand them. Sonic told Tails what happened, but Tails found it hard to believe. After failing to understand what the white alien was saying about Sonic's statement, Sonic decided to find Eggman and figure out what he planned to do with these aliens. While Tails was busy building the translator, Sonic went out to explore the Tropical Resort and found Eggman, who was gathering aliens. Sonic revealed himself to Eggman and taunted him, but the doctor unleashed Rotatatron to defeat him. Sonic easily destroyed it and (unintentionally) sent a piece of it into one of the towers in the process. He returned to Tails, who had the translator ready (albeit with a few bugs left to work out), and Sonic began questioning the alien. They learned that the alien's name was Yacker and that he came from an alien race called Wisps, whom Eggman had captured. Yacker then asked Sonic to save them and Sonic accepted the request. As Sonic investigated one of the chained planets, he found a mysterious generator. After destroying the robot guarding it it and shutting the generator down, Sonic met up with Tails and Yacker. From them, Sonic learned about the Wisps' Hyper-go-on and Eggman is using it for an evil purpose. As Sonic and Tails looked for Eggman on the next planet, the duo was taken by surprise when Eggman suddenly appeared and tried to brainwash Sonic with his Mind Control Ray that ran on Hyper-go-on energy. Sonic was fortuntely saved by Tails, but at the cost of Tails being affected by the ray instead. As he attempted to move in on the doctor, Sonic was blocked by the brainwashed Tails, but he absolutely refused to fight Tails when Eggman ordered the fox to attack him. Luckily, Eggman ran out of Hyper-go-on and Tails was freed. Eggman threatened Sonic that he would soon brainwash the entire universe and sent the local giant robot to defeat them before leaving. After the battle and shutting down another generator, Sonic now knew Eggman's plan, but did not how to stop it. He learned from Tails and Yacker that Eggman captured the Wisps' planets with tractor beams that held them above Sonic's world, so if Sonic could destroy their generators, the planets would be free and Eggman would be cut off from his Hyper-go-on energy source. Having already broken two of without knowing, Sonic headed out to destroy the remaining three. When arriving at Planet Wisp, Sonic was disgusted to see how Eggman transformed the planet and his treatment of the Wisps, and promised the Wisps to free them. He soon found the planet's generator and the robot protecting it. After defeating the robot, Sonic cockily began talking to its remains but was caught doing it by Tails, much to his own embarrassment. Sonic and Tails continued to Aquarium Park where Sonic fought Admiral Jelly and destroyed it, thus freeing another planet. The two then went to the Asteroid Coaster where they worked their way into the main factory where all of the Wisps were turned into Nega-Wisps. Upon this sight, Sonic gained a new sense of seriousness and asked Tails to excuse him while he looked for the next generator. After finding the generator, Sonic fought the Frigate Skullian and broke the generator, thus not only freeing the planet, but also halting Eggman's harvesting of Hyper-go-on. With all five generators destroyed, the planets and the Wisps were freed, and Sonic and Tails returned to the Tropical Resort where they started celebrating with the freed Wisps, thinking it was all over.  Unfortunately for Sonic, Eggman was ready to


launch his mind-control weapon on the world, but the broken robot piece from Rotatatron that was unintentionally struck there by Sonic, caused the whole cannon to explode. As the park began to collapse, Sonic and Tails headed to Eggman's space elevator to get back home. When they arrived, Eggman showed up in the Nega-Wisp Armor, determined to crush Sonic. Wanting his friend to be safe, Sonic pushed Tails into the elevator and launched him back home, while he confronted Eggman alone. After an intense fight, Sonic managed to defeat Eggman with the help of the Wisps and their Final Color Blaster. Unfortunately, the destruction of the cannon created a black hole that even Sonic was unable to outrun. As he was caught in the explosion, Sonic fell unconscious, but woke up to find the Wisps gathered around him, carrying him back to his planet, and as well stopping the black hole. As Sonic got up, he noticed that he was back home and was met by Tails. Yacker then appeared and thanked them, but told them that he had to go. Sonic and Tails then exchanged some high-fives with Yacker, and watched on as he joined the other Wisps and sent the planets back to their original place in the universe.

Sonic Generations

In Sonic Generations, in the past of Green Hill, Sonic's younger self, Classic Sonic, was exploring until he heard a noise and noticed the Time Eater in the sky before everything turned white. In the present day, a while after Sonic's adventures in Dr. Eggman's Incredible Interstellar Amusement Park, Sonic's present self, Modern Sonic, arrived at a picnic and found his friends holding a surprise party to celebrate his birthday, which Sonic delightly joined. As Modern Sonic enjoyed a birthday chili dog however, the Time Eater


appeared and began to suck all of Sonic's friends back into different periods in Sonic's history. Modern Sonic tried to attack it, but was easily knocked back and passed out. As he woke up later, Modern Sonic found himself in the White Space, and discovered Tails and Green Hill in a colorless, frozen state, but after passing through, he restored Tails and the area. Determined to find their remaining friends despite their peculiar situation, Sonic set off to check out the colorless Chemical Plant. As Modern Sonic (with the unknown help of Classic Sonic) restored Chemical Plant, Sonic met up with Tails again and told him how the place gave him déjà-vu. Both Sonics then continued through the White Space and restored more areas and their friends, each unaware of the other's presence. The two Sonics later proceeded through a Boss Gate at the same time and found a glass with their counterpart at the other side of it. Both Sonics, however, mistook each other as his reflection. The two then heard Dr. Eggman's voice through a door, and Modern Sonic shouted his name, bringing Classic Sonic to realize that it was not his reflection. While Modern Sonic was unimpressed by Dr. Eggman's threats, Classic Sonic ran towards Eggman's voice. Modern Sonic then tried to follow Classic Sonic, but was locked out. After Classic Sonic met and destroyed the Death Egg Robot, he saw the Time Eater kidnap that time's Dr. Eggman. Modern Sonic later saw Classic Sonic exit the battle and wondered why there was two of him. Tails, who had also met his younger self, told the Sonics that they were traveling through time and space, which they believed the Time Eater was responsible for, and the Sonics decided to team up to stop Time Eater and restore time, space, reality and their friends. The two Sonics continued through the White Space, restoring the areas and their friends, one by one. After a while, the two learned from the Tails' that the Time Eater's actions ripped space and time apart and damaged the world by

-Sonic-Generations-Xbox-360- .jpg

sending damaged areas from different eras to the White Space, and that their speed was the key to restoring the space and fix the timeline. After Modern Sonic defeated Perfect Chaos, they witnessed the Time Eater being repelled by a color-drained Chaos Emerald and decided to collect all seven emeralds, assuming them to be its weakness. Later, as the Chaos Emerald regained its color, Modern Sonic and Classic Sonic raced for it, with Modern Soinc using the Boost to catch the Chaos Emerald, much to the amazement of his younger self. Afterwards, after Modern Sonic later beat Eggman in the Egg Dragoon, the Time Eater came by and kidnapped Eggman again, much to the group's confusion. The Sonics eventually obtained all seven Chaos Emeralds and confronted the Time Eater in its own domain. As Modern Sonic told it to give up, Dr. Eggman and his past-self, Classic Eggman, revealed themselves as the ones controlling the Time Eater in an attempt to erase Sonic from the timeline so that the doctors would be victorious in the present. Unconcerned, since they always beat the doctors, the two Sonics began fighting, but got knocked out by the Time Eater. While passed out, the Sonics got support from all of their friends, allowing the Chaos Emeralds to activate. The two Sonics then awoke and transformed into their Super States. Together, they defeated the Time Eater and stopped the doctors' plan, and returned back with their friends to where Modern Sonic's birthday party left off.  During the party, Modern Sonic thanked Classic Sonic for his help and hoped that he had learned some tricks. Classic Sonic replied by attempting to perform the Sonic Boost, but did not manage to keep it going, though Modern Sonic encouraged his younger self nevertheless for the effort. As Classic Sonic and Classic Tails were heading back to their own time, Modern Sonic told Classic Sonic that he had a great future ahead of him.

Sonic Lost World

In Sonic Lost World, Sonic and Tails were chasing after Dr. Eggman, Orbot and Cubot on the Tornado to free some animal friends they have captured. Eggman dropped the capsule containing the animals from the sky, forcing Sonic and Tails to go after it. As Sonic and Tails tried to free the animals, the Tornado was damaged by Eggman's laser, forcing Sonic and Tails to fall on the Lost Hex, which they discovered during


their descend. Arriving in Windy Hill, Sonic found the dropped capsule when he was contacted by Amy and Knuckles. When Sonic told them the status on his rescue mission, Amy pleaded Sonic to save the rest of the animals, which Sonic promised to. Not long after, Sonic was attacked by Zazz, but defeated him. Soon after, he found Dr. Eggman, who introduced the Deadly Six - Zazz included - a group of Zeti that he controlled, to him. As Eggman then left Zazz to finish him, Sonic fought and defeated Zazz again. After the battle, Sonic met up with Tails and they took off in the repaired Tornado. While moving through Desert Ruins, Sonic encountered and defeated Zomom twice. Soon after, Sonic and Tails snuck up on Eggman when he was scolding the Deadly Six. Noticing that Eggman used a conch to control the Deadly Six, Sonic knocked the conch away. This proved to be a mistake, however, as the Deadly Six then rebelled against Eggman by talking control of his Badniks and using them to attack everyone present. When Tails got injured in battle, Sonic left to take Tails to safety, escaping with Eggman, Orbot and Cubot. Escaping to Tropical Coast, Sonic was berated by Eggman for making him lose control of the Deadly Six, until he got the doctor to leave. After Sonic defeated Master Zik, he and Tails was contacted by Amy, who informed them that something was sucking the life out of the world. After another battle with Master Zik, Sonic and Tails met Eggman again, who revealed that the Deadly Six were using his Extractor to drain Earth of its energy to make themselves stronger until the planet was destroyed, which Sonic saw matched Amy's report. Sonic then reluctantly agreed to team up with Eggman and bring the doctor to the Extractor and have him shut it down properly. Arriving at Eggman's factory, Sonic discovered that Tails was mad at him for trusting Eggman more than him to stop the Extractor, and tried fruitlessly to defend himself. After fighting Zeena, Sonic and the others were briefly contacted by Zavok, who stated the futility of their actions. After another fight with Zeena, Sonic rebuffed Eggman's plan to kill the Deadly Six by destroying the Lost Hex along with countless innocent, when Tails got attacked by Cubot when he put his head on a Crabmeat. Eggman, however, saved Tails, leaving Sonic confused by Eggman's behavior, while he scolded Tails for endangering himself. After getting to Silent Forest, Sonic found and tried to open a capsule, but Tails pushed him away, discovering that it was a trap set by the Deadly Six. Sonic then witnessed Tails getting caught and teleported away, leaving Sonic ridden with guilt for his inability to save him. Soon after, Sonic met Zor and demanded Tails back before fighting him, though Zor managed to escape. After getting to Sky Road, Sonic met Zavok and was horrified to hear from him that he


planned to turn Tails into a robot, before fighting and defeating Zavok. Continuing forward, Sonic contacted Amy, who told him that it was too late for her and Knuckles, before losing contact with her. Zavok then appeared and taunted Sonic with the loss of his friends, leading to Sonic battling and defeating Zavok again. When Sonic and Eggman arrived at Lava Mountain, they were attacked by Zazz and Zomom, who destroyed the bridge Sonic and Eggman stood on and nearly fell into a lava pit. Sonic, however, was saved by Eggman, who threw him back on ground while Eggman himself fell into the lava pit. After escaping, Sonic faced and defeated Zazz, Zomom and Master Zik for good. Sonic then unsuccessfully tried to contact Amy and Knuckles, and was disheartened to see that he was now all alone. Soon after, Sonic met Zavok, Zeena and Zor, and saw to his horror and anger that Tails had seemingly been turned into a robot. When Tails was ordered to kill Sonic when he refused to serve them, however, Tails revealed that he only pretended to be a robot and attacked the Zeti. Relieved to have Tails back, Sonic fought and defeated Zeena, Zor and Zavok for good.  Having finished the Deadly Six, Sonic and Tails got to the Extractor, where they discovered it was already turned off. Eggman then showed up in a new mech, having faked his death so that he could charge his mech while Sonic fought the Deadly Six and now planned to conquer what was left of the world, but Sonic fought and defeated Eggman's mech. As Tails reprogrammed the Extractor to return the world's energy, Sonic, who realized that Eggman was not needed, apologized to Tails for doubting him, mending their friendship. When Eggman then tried to escape using his jet pack, Sonic revealed to him that he had removed its exhaust pipe, causing Eggman to fall down from the Lost Hex. After returning the world's energy, Sonic and Tails returned to Earth and met up with Knuckles and Amy. Glad for the adventure to be over, Sonic lay down in the grass to take a nap.


Sonic has been described as being "like the wind"; a drifter that is always on the move and is noted for being free-spirited and adventurous. He values freedom above all else, living his life according to his own rules, rather than the standards of those around him, and enjoys nothing more than traveling the world in search of adventures. He has a strong passion for enjoying life, never dwelling in one place for too long, and is always moving forward to look for new experiences, making his life a series of adventures while enjoying his freedom. Sonic is most of the time laid-back, carefree, cool and enjoys relaxation. However, he is often impatient and frustrated with slower things, and has a short temper. Because of his impulsive nature, Sonic can be reckless and quick to act before thinking, throwing himself into the middle of trouble without a second thought and regards to other's warnings. Because of his need for freedom, Sonic loathes the idea of being constrained. He is very much addicted to action and running, and being held captive makes him twitchy and act absurd, such as in Sonic Adventure 2 where he could not stand being held up in a tiny prison cell.  Sonic's personality is a juxtaposition of kindness and ferocity. He is extremely benevolent and firmly stands for freedom, but he is never the one to rest in the face of injustice or oppression. He hates evil in all its forms, being easily riled up about it when witnessing injustice, oppression, or other's despair, and will do all in his power to snuff it out. At the same time, Sonic has a big and kind heart and possesses a lot of righteousness. He is fully committed to helping out those in any kinds of trouble however he can, even if his actions will be met with contempt or have consequences, and cannot look away when somebody else is in trouble. He always keeps his word and is willingly puts himself at risk to help others, taking on any challenge that confronts him without hesitation, though he usually sees his heroics and fighting evil as an opportunity to have fun, making him somewhat of a thrill-seeker and enjoys any challenge that passes him. However, in times of crisis, he focuses intensely on the task at hand as if his personality had undergone an astonishing change.

Powers and Abilities


Sonic is known best for his speed, with the ability to run at speeds greater than Mach 1, which is at the blistering speed of 768 mph (1,236 km/h). This is evident in many games, where Sonic is recorded to run at speeds faster than 765 mph (1,231 km/h). It is also stated in the Sonic Adventure DX manual that "He's the world's fastest, hypersonic hedgehog" which is at a staggering speed ranging from 3,840 mph (6,180 km/h) to 7,680 mph (12,360 km/h). He is occasionally referred to as "the fastest thing alive," and can run backwards at full speed just as well as forwards, as shown in the Team Sonic opening cut-scene of Sonic Heroes. Due to such speed, he is able to scale right up the walls of buildings, or similar structures, and can also run right over water.

Physical Abilities

In line with his super speed, Sonic has exhibited astounding feats of kineticism, precision and has the reaction time to match. He possesses great acrobatic skills and agility, alongside astonishing reflexes, making him able to avoid sizably voluminous and minuscule obstacles with precise jumps and delicate movements despite the speed they are approaching at, along side double jumps and wall jumps. When launched into the air, he can also perform several airborne tricks before landing on ground. He also has incredible jumping skills, allowing him jump up to several hundred meters, possibly by applying speed to his jumps.  In terms of physical vigor prowess, Sonic has often been noted for lacking overall physical strength in comparison to other characters in the series. However, it is possible that Sonic might genuinely possess a degree of superhuman strength (though nothing in comparison to Knuckles' strength). He has been shown to be able to carry things as large as himself, even while running at high speed (such as carrying Tails to safety in Sonic Lost World), and his Spin Dash and other spin forms are strong enough to cut through metal, burrow through the ground, smash through surfaces by stomping, or break down walls. However, it is debatable whether the attack's main power comes from his supersonic speed or his superhuman strength, or a combination of both. Most moves that Sonic performs in fighting games involve his feet and legs more than his hands, which suggests that Sonic's legs are more powerful than his arms. This does not mean that Sonic's arms are not strong though; in Sonic the Hedgehog CD, Sonic exhibited strength great enough to tear robots apart with brute force alone. Several times, Sonic has been shown to have great resilience to physical damage. He can survive getting caught in the crossfire from all angles by Eggman's robots (which only knocked him out cold briefly), and he can smash through several robots in a row with his fist without showing any sign of pain or injury. It is also worth noting that, for nearly all the battles Sonic has endured, he has never been crippled, nor has he displayed any serious injuries. It is also shown in various games that Sonic can survive free-falls from extreme heights, bordering at the edge of space. In Sonic Adventure, he fell face-first from a high point in the atmosphere twice, merely shaking it off after landing, and additionally in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Sonic & Knuckles, Sonic is able to survive atmospheric reentry unharmed.

Combat Skills

Despite not having received any known training in martial arts, the many years of battles Sonic has been through has made him a skilled fighter and a profound user of hand-to-hand combat, being able to go up against others with far more battle experience. It has also been noted by people, such as Blaze and Shadow, that Sonic's combat skills are always improving, most noticeably being his victory over the Egg Emperor and Perfect Chaos in the different versions of Sonic Generations, where both opponents previously required additional support and power for Sonic to defeat, but could this time defeat on his own.

Miscellaneous Skills

It is assumed that Sonic can control the strength or hardness of his quills. They appear to be extremely hard like buzzsaw blades when he is in spinball form, capable of shredding through several layers of reinforced steel to just about anything with enough speed. When he is not in ball form, they appear soft and flimsy like rubber. In Sonic Heroes, his quills (and body) are durable enough to slice through battleships without even moving at the speed of sound. In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, he can temporarily increase the durability of his quills to hit opponents in his Up Throw. In this move, he throws up an enemy, goes into a push-up type pose, and flares up and hardens his quills for the enemy to land on.


Super Sonic

By using all seven Chaos Emeralds, Sonic can enter a Super State, transforming him into Super Sonic. This

Super Sonic Lost World.png

is by far Sonic's most frequently used transformation. In this state he can fly, is faster, stronger and nearly invincible. He does, however, need Rings to maintain this transformation or else he will revert to normal.

Hyper Sonic

In Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles, Sonic also possesses an extended and more powerful form of Super Sonic, called Hyper Sonic, which he can assume with the seven Super


Emeralds. This form basically shares the same powers and traits as Super Sonic, but they are all upgraded and more powerful than Super Sonic's

Darkspine Sonic

In Sonic and the Secret Rings, by harnessing the World Rings of rage, hatred, and sadness, Sonic can become Darkspine Sonic, a powerful form powered by his emotions at Shahra's death. In this state, Sonic can fly, has greater strength, unlimited use of the Soul Gauge powers and has pyrokinetic abilities that gives him fire-based attacks. Because of the intense emotions sealed inside the World Rings that Sonic used to transform, however, Sonic becomes slightly darker and more violent.

Excalibur Sonic

In Sonic and the Black Knight Sonic is able to transform into Excalibur Sonic by using the power of the four Sacred Swords. This form grants him a strong golden armor with a red cape, the ability to fly, greater strength and the power to wield the legendary Sacred Sword, Excalibur.

Sonic the Werehog


In Sonic Unleashed, Sonic unwillingly gains the power to turn into a werewolf-like version of himself named Sonic the Werehog at night time by absorbing the energies from Dark Gaia. In this state, he loses his trademark speed, but still retains his lightning reflexes and agility. He also gains super strength, the ability to stretch his arms, and limited energy manipulation. While Sonic's strong will prevents him from going bonkers like other people affected by Dark Gaia, he does gain some minor feral behavior. He permanently lost this transformation after his battle with Dark Gaia.

Color Power Transformations

By harness different variants of Hyper-go-on from Wisps, Sonic can use certain Color Powers to transform into a specific form, such as a drill, a laser or even a fireball, with the Color Power depending on the type of Wisp. The forms invoked by the Color Powers include the Cyan Laser, Yellow Drill, Blue Cube, Green Hover,


Pink Spikes, Purple Frenzy, Violet Void, Orange Rocket, Red Burst, Indigo Asteroid, Magenta Rhythm, Crimson Eagle, Ivory Lightning, Gray Quake, or Black Bomb. These transformations do only last for a few moments however, and requires more Hyper-go-on to be maintained.


Sonic is incapable of swimming and sinks like a stone in water, which may be due to aquaphobia. A slight exception being in Super Smash Bros. Brawl where he is able swim very briefly before drowning. In some games Sonic can bypass water while running across its surface, while in others he can survive extended periods underwater by breathing air bubbles, in most 3D games however he drowns instantly on contact with water. Sonic usually avoids water and in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games and Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games, Sonic is the only character to wear a life-preserver.  Yuji Naka stated that Sonic can not swim because previously SEGA thought that hedgehogs could not swim, and that if Sonic does not sleep for eight hours during the night, it would spoil his running.